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AL BUHARI is a locally and family owned business that was founded in 1988. We're dedicated to creating wonderful sweet surprises that you'll absolutely love. When you visit our shop, you won't believe your eyes with the incredible range of options that are available with us. We specialize in PARAMBARIYA VIRAGUADUPPU BIRIYANI with more than 380 different side dishes! They're the softest melt-in-your-mouth GRILL CHICKEN you'll ever experience, with an unforgettable taste.

Our BIRIYANI & GRILL CHICKEN are our passion. Without wonderful customers like you, our restaurant would never survive. That's why we're sure to say "thank you" to everyone who gives us their business and support. We're extremely thankful for our loyal customers and their love never falls short.

Visit AL BUHARI where you'll always be treated like family. Warm smiles and welcome greetings are our number one guarantee. Carryout and delivery options are available. Our BIRIYANI taste as good as they look!

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